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Slow Music for Yoga

Hearts of Space Records released "Slow Music for Yoga" through Valley Entertainment on May 21, 2002

Against all odds, the 3000 year old tradition of yoga has become popular. The health and longevity benefits are enormous and the producers of the nationally syndicated Hearts of Space radio program have brought together this collection as a background for yoga practice or any activity that requires sustained concentration. With a hypnotic blend of relaxing harmonies with gentle Indian fusions Slow Music for Yoga will slow the mind and open the heart while stretching inspiring the listener to connect with their body, mind, and spirit. The simple, yet elegant arrangements will set the mood for achieving meditative and blissful states of consciousness with flowing melodies from some of the most well loved artists of this genre.

To create the ideal environment for yoga meditation and relaxation Rasa offers two tracks, Arati from their auspicious debut album Devotion, and the previously unreleased track Prabhupada Padma from their upcoming live album.

Hans Christian, cellist, producer and founder of Rasa, contributes Matritamah from his highly acclaimed solo release entitled Surrender.

Salva Me from Thomas Barqueeís upcoming solo album blends the words of the Latin Mass with traditional East Indian sacred chants to create a trance inducing musical harmony. After a successful pop career, Barquee developed a spiritual interest in ambient and trance music, which culminated in the celebrated Hearts of Space release entitled Temple.

Pakistani vocalist Shafqat Ali Khan, an extraordinary musician of the Khyal tradition, teams up with Tibetan Buddhist singer Annapurna to deliver an intoxicating meditation in Emptiness is Form.

A collaboration between ambient electronic master Robert Rich, known for his own non-traditional compositions and his work with early space age pioneers, and California sarod player Lisa Moskow resulted in the spacious contemplative soundscape Bija.

This specially produced compilation will allow the listener to achieve a peaceful state of total release with its serene, rejuvenating textures. A perfectly sequenced album for any activity requiring sustained concentration, Slow Music for Yoga will inspire your yoga practice as it invigorates your spirit and helps you maintain a deep state of mind/body relaxation.


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